What is Gfx?

This article explains what is “GFX”.

So for those who are wondering what is GFX? You see it on some forums but don’t exactly know what it is!
Well GFX stands for Graphic Effect(s). GFX for example is banners, logos, userbars, signatures and all that picture things with abstract designs and others. People on forums mainly use GFX to advertise their products or services, looking cool or signing up for a GFX Team. When your on a team, people will request things from you. Its hard work. Sometimes people also still work from other GFX Owners. Why? It’s because they are unable to create some themselves. Some also want to be part of the circle and only professionals can join.

GFX can also mean other things people can mistaken of. It might be a game or a book. But mainly they are wrong. GFX is a visual presentation used by the mind to create anything out of this world. Like fantasy for example. It is also used for entertainment.

There are many types of GFX. Photography, Graphs, Diagrams, Symbols. But its mainly Computer Graphics. Programs like Photoshop or GIMP can be used to make GFX.

Its referred as artistic workings. It can be used to show expression or mood of the creator just like paintings. There are also GFX competitions which you could win money on some generous forums.

So when you think of GFX, think Computer Graphics.

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