What is 7Zip Software and How to Use It?

Simple guide to use 7zip software.

7zip is a compress and extract software.The special about 7zip software is it can extract any types of compressed file such as 001,zip,winrar and many more.Others software such as hjsplit only can extract 001 file.Winrar also only can extract rar file.But with 7zip file,it can read any type of file and can extract it more faster and easier.It is also a light software and saving more spaces of your computer.The pictures shown below are the basic guide you must know when using 7zip file.First,you must download 7zip software by searching it at internet browser.

Three image earlier below will teach you how to bring out all the files type that you want to zip in the future.First step,click “tools” and go to “options.

At “options” window,click at “system” and click “select all”.Click “ok” as finish.

For second step,click “plugins” and choose 7zip.Then you must click “options”.At 7zip options window,you just click all boxes and click ok.Now,7-zip are ready to extract files and also compress any files.

Now,three images shown below are simple guide to extract files using 001,002,00x file.Firstly,choose your 001 file and right click it.Then go to “7zip” and just click “extract here”.

The 7zip will process the compile files.Wait until the process ends and after that you can use the file!..

There are many types of file that 7zip can read and process.You can take a look at “rar” files sample below.

7zip is a very usefull software.Now you can delete away your “winzip”,winrar”,”hjsplit” software and just use 7zip software.You just need one software that can do many jobs.Problems done.

Is it free?


you can try search it at worldwideweb.Maybe there are free software.

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