Types of Sofware

His article will show complete categorization of Software types.

Mainly There are two types of Software

1. System Software
2. Application Software

System Software
System Software is a Collection of Computer programs is written to service other programs.

Eg : Operating System Components, Drivers , Telecommunication process

Application Software 

* Business Software
*Embedded Software
*Engineering and Scientific Software
*Personal Computer Software
*Web-Based Software
* Artificial Intelligent Software

Business Software
Software that involve in Management Information Systems.
 Work with one or many Large Databases

Embedded SW
            Use to control product and system for the customer in
                                                              industrial market.

Engineering and Scientific Software 
    Characterized by number crunching algorithms

Personal Computer SW

Make office and day today work easy , Word processing, spread sheet, Graphic etc

Web-Based SW
Ultimate Software resources that can access by any one with a modem

Artificial Intelligent SW

Use non- Numeric algorithms to solve day today problems, Use Human language.

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