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Spending an hour a day or typing 1000 words a day is not bad at all.

Solving flashed images and being just paid from USD 0.60 to 1.05 in every 1000 words you type is never impressive. The fastest typist may only be able to solve and type 1500 words per hour. If this is the number of words he could resolve and type, basically the earning is so small. Some may quit and find this part-time job non-sense.

Here are the tricks on how to earn more money from this job. You may follow these or not but these are the easier ways I found out.

  1. Invite Friends

After registering, you are then eligible to make referrals. Invite your friends, members of the family or officemates to join You will be given a commission equivalent to 10% of the total income of your referrals. The more you make referrals, the more you earn.


If you have 100 referrals and each of them would type at least 1000 words per day ( let’s say at a minimum rate of USD 0.60), their total pay is USD 60. You will get a 10% commission. This means that you will get USD 6 commission per day. How about if they will type more than 1000 words per day? Much more, what if you have more than 100 referrals?

  1. Don’t stop solving and typing images or words.

Even if you already have a lot of referrals, it is still better if you don’t stop from solving and typing words. Do not just wait until your referrals can earn and you will get a commission. Because if this is your mentality and your referrals also have the same mentality with you, still nothing happens and all of you can not earn.

Spending an hour a day or typing 1000 words a day is not bad at all. Though the pay is just too small, it is still better that you are able to earn a little dime during your free time than spending much time chatting in a social network without pay. An accumulation of little dime everyday may be of great help for you after a month.

Want to give a try? Register for free at  and the invitation code is: 44IL

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Thanks for share!Very interesting I have a please to send me answer of question do they pay through PayPal.


excellent work Good useful info :)


@ivaylo2009: yes they pay through paypal, liberty reserve or western union.

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