Three Fun Pranks You Can Do in Windows

Here’s three simple pranks you can do with your friends whenever you’re bored and fool them out as if there’s a virus in their computer.

Here’s three simple pranks you can do with your friends whenever you’re bored and fool them out as if there’s a virus in their computer.

Prank #1 -

Create a Fake Error Message Box -

Want to make a prank that will fool your friends? Well, here’s a way to create a fake virus using Notepad. Your final result should end up to something like this -

Here’s the steps on creating a fake error message box. First off, open Notepad and type this code in -

X=MsgBox(”Message Description”,0+16,”Title”)

This code is basically telling the computer that when the following script is opened, it will display a fake error message box with the title as ’Title’ and the description as ’Message Description’. But those can be changed you know so if you want to type a different title or description, go ahead

This is a Visual Basic Code, which means you are able to type in Visual Basic Scripts using Notepad! So anyways, the numbers in that code can be changed. Heres what the numbers can be changed to -

Here’s what the numbers mean -

Number before the + =

0 = Ok Button
1 = Ok/Cancel Button
2 = Abbort/Retry/Ignore button
3 = Yes/No/Cancel
4 = Yes/No

Here are what the numbers mean after the + =

16 - Crtitcal Icon
32 – Warning Icon
48 – Warning Message Icon
64 – Information Icon

To create multiple Message Boxes, just duplicate the line so that it could end up to something like this in the message -

X=MsgBox(”Message Description”,0+16,”Title”)

X=MsgBox(”Message Description”,0+16,”Title”)

Now at the end you are going to go to ’Save As’ and here’s the important step. The file-type should be set to’All types’ and the extension of your filename should be .VBS. For example, “Fake virus.vbs”. Once you save it, open it up and you should get your message box opened up. But i would not call this a really successful prank because changing the icon of the shortcut is rather difficult while you will need to get third-party programs and edit it from there itself. The following was done in Windows 7 Ultimate and will also work in Windows XP and Windows Vista.

Prank #2 -

Shutdown Shortcut

Another funny prank you can make is a shortcut that is able to shutdown the computer immediately or in a specific timer. This is a more successful prank than the first one since you can change the shortcut in this and also makes it feel more of a simple virus to the victim. Ok, so here’s how it’s going to work. Right click on your Desktop, Go to New and then ‘Shortcut’ -

Next, in the step where they ask you to type the location of the file, type this simple Shutdown Code in it -

The Code is ’shutdown -s -t 60′. What does it mean? Well, it’s pretty obvious the ’shutdown -s’ part is to shutdown the computer and the ‘-t 60′ is the timer. Now this is in seconds so if you want the timer to be in minutes, you have to type it in seconds. I’ll put this to 1 minute. If you don’t want the timer, remove the ‘-t 60′ part. Click Next and finish the rest of the steps. Now right click on your new shortcut and click ‘Properties’

There, change the icon of the shortcut and rename to something similar on your computer

Now when you open, you will get a window, saying the computer will shutdown in 1 Minute or the time you’ve put. YOU CANNOT CLOSE THE WINDOW OR END THE PROCESS. There’s only one way you can do it. Go to Start and open Run and type ’shutdown -a’. This will end the Shutdown process

Prank #3

Fake Desktop-

How about when some using is using your computer and somehow nothing in the desktop is working except your cursor? Sounds scary to the victim. Let’s begin. First off, take a picture of your desktop by just pressing the ‘Prt Scrn’ button on the top right of your keyboard. This will take a snapshot of your desktop. Then go to ‘Paint’ and press Ctrl+V and it will paset your desktop -

Next, Save the image and apply it as your desktop wallpaper. It will look like the desktop is still there. The only thing we have to do now is hide the shortcuts and the taskbar. To hide the shortcuts, right-click on your Dekstop, go to ‘View’ and disable ‘Show Desktop Icons’. It will hide the icons. To hide the taskbar, just move the cursor towards the edge of it and drag it down to hide it 

Your final result should look like exactly like your regular desktop but nothing is actually working in it. Well, that’s it, those are some of the pranks i know that you can do in Windows XP, Vista and 7 and hope you’ve enjoyed them. Here are some Video’s on these pranks -

Hope you enjoyed the article!


Meh, what about some less amateur pranks, these are simple ones every techie would know about. You could do something like a batch file that changes the wallpaper to a certain image you save onto the victom’s computer.


lolx man, i would prank em’ with your method , thanks


You need to update the VB Script. The current one does not work at all.

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