Software Review – Home Photo Studio Editing Software

Home Photo Studio is a photo editing software that helps small home portrait studios battle the big boys, such as JCPenney and Sears Portrait Studios.

Home Photo Studio is a great and quite simple-to-use photo editing software featuring a full set of convenient photo manipulation tools. Due to user friendly interface as well as a detailed help system, this program is easy to use. It provides a lot of options to keep any portrait studio professional creatively occupied.

With this photo editing software, it is possible to edit and view all digital portraits. Photographs will be retouched, red eye will be removed, color can be enhanced, and most importantly blurred images will be made much clearer. Best of all, these amazing changes will be made with a simple click of your mouse.

It is possible to add various special effects to the photographs, such as weather effects, lighting as well as 3D composition. This cool feature is not usually found on nonprofessional photograph editing software.

Furthermore, frames in a wide variety of different styles may be added to the photographs. Once the photographs are enhanced, they can be used to create multi-image collages, impressive slide shows as well as personalized greeting cards, all of which can be shared with your friends and family.

The Home Photo Studio features a lot of unique cool design templates, fun special effects as well as project options all of which can be used with digital photographs on laptops. In case some errors are made during the photo editing process (and we all know that mistakes do happen), the great multi-undo feature makes correcting the mistakes simple and easy.

Other relevant features this software includes are the ability to use plastic effects on photographs as well as the ability to quickly view EXIF data. Home portrait studio owners will definitely appreciate the detailed help system built into this cool program. This way a user can find right answers if having problems with a brand new project. This simple yet innovative software provides all of the features and extras much needed to enhance as well as to modify digital photographs.

There are lots of advantages of this software. Here are some of them:

  • Support twenty output as well as input graphic formats
  • Simple to use as well as fast Image Explorer
  • Improvements of bad-quality digital photographs
  • Very wide variety of available effects for creation of one-of-a-kind art photos
  • Over a hundred mask effects as well as photograph frames

Overall, this software is a must have for home portrait studio owners. Since this software really enhances photos, now your business can compete with the big guys on the block, such as Sears Portrait Studios.


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