Save Ram – Minimize Windows!!!!!

RAM is the one the critical component of a computer. It decides how fast your computer is going to run. This small tip can help you to save some of that precious RAM and enjoy faster processing.

Most of us work on windows and more often than not we have mutiple windows open. And whenever we have to access something from desktop or from computer we use a well know shortcut CTRL + D or desktop icon in the task bar to minimize the windows that we have opened and then again we maximize one of the windows and start working.
In this article I am going to tell you a fact that can help you to increase your available RAM without any software i.e just by following a best practice given below

Whenever you are going to work on other window MINIMIZE that window instead of using the desktop icon or the CTRL + D shortcut. To just feel the difference follow the steps given below

  • Open Microsoft word or any other software
  • Press CTRL + D (Your window will be minimized)
  • Open Task Manager (the way to open will depend on OS you are using)

In Most operating systems if you have to right click on the taskbar and choose Task Manager from the menu that pops up

  • Choose the Application that you have opened from the taskbar window
  • Right Click and choose Goto Process
  • Note down the memory it is using
  • Now Maximize that window and again minimize it using the minimize icon of window
  • Now Again follow the steps 3-6 You will see that it is using way less RAM than it was using when you use the shortcut.

Reason for this behavior is that when you click Minimize button windows assume that you are not going to work on this window and it takes its content out of memory and into page file. Hence you RAM consumption is reduced. More files you open = More RAM consumption = Slow Computer. This tip can help you to save on that precious RAM and make your computer faster.

Enjoy Fast Computing !!!!


Let me know if anybody has any questions or problems in testing this

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