Ryze Guide – League of Legends

A guide for how to play and build the character ryze! Includes in depth analysis and tutorials.

Ryze guide 

Ryze is a tanky caster who has short cooldown spells which make for easy harrass and continuous damage. This is made even stronger by his passive effect which is that every spell he casts, lowers all his cooldowns by 1 second. 

Skill orders 

When playing ryze, you should max his q first as it is his main source of damage and harrass, and it also gives him passive cooldown. Next, you can choose to level either his snare for extra damage and snare length, or his bouncing shot for the increased magic resist reduction. I usually choose the snare. 


In a one on one fight you should use the skill order qewq, then back off and wait for cooldowns. This gives you the most damage output over a very short time, because none of his skills are channeled. In a team fight don’t be afraid to get right into it, because ryze is very tanky and with his spell vamp from his ult he can be very hard to kill. 


When building ryze you should build him with tons of mana, some ability power, and some health. Early game you can either start with a mana crystal or a meki pendant. As soon as you can, go back and buy a tear of the goddess. If you can, get one of your teammates to help you get blue buff as this is extremely useful on ryze. At this stage you can start last hitting minions with your q. After your tear you need to buy boots, and I would recommend buying a catalyst and turning it into a rod of ages.

Next, if you haven’t already, buy sorcerers shoes. Now your core build is done and you can build items based on the enemy team. For example if they have a lot of physical damage, think about a frozen heart, but if they have a lot of magic damage you can get a rylais crystal scepter or banshees veil. In general build items that give mana over items that give ability power. 


Don’t be afraid to use your ult on a large creep wave to regain health. It is a low cooldown ult so if you do use it you will have it up in no time. 


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