Right Click Equivalent of Mouse on Keyboard?

Have you ever thought what could be the right click equivalent of the mouse other than your touch pad? Or did you hear about "menu" key.

While this is a simple tips what we can use when we don’t have mouse for desk tops. For laptops, it won’t play great role as there is touch pad.

While there is a key to the right side of space bar called “menu” key and it is called menu key because when we click on it  opens up a drop-down menu for many (but not all) programs. The menu includes all the information you would see if you right clicked, so I guess you could also call it the “Right-Click” Key as it is right click equivalent of mouse.

So… it would be much handy for all computer users while they are typing. Pressing menu key would be much easier than taking your right hand away from keyboard and giving right click on mouse.

visit: all keyboard shortcuts for all windows keyboard shortcuts and face book keyboard shortcuts if you are so addicted that you can’t even pass a minute without surfing face book when you don’t have mouse.



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