Remove Photo Background: Quick and Easy Photoshop Effects

In this little tutorial I show you a very simple technique you can use to remove a photo’s background color or image, in order to blend it in another photo.

I’ll be keeping the old fashioned way of steps and instructions as well as how to use keyboard shortcuts to make your life easier and your work quicker!

One of the most easy ways to erase a photo’s background is using the Background eraser tool.So just open your photo in Photoshop (I’m using PS CS4 for this tutorial but the same method works in most of the photoshop distributions). So…let’s begin!

Step 1

We open our photo in photoshop and then press “E” which is the shortcut for the “Background Eraser” tool. We must also keep in mind 2 other parameters of this tool we can tweak to get best results, which are the Tolerance and the Limits.


Here I have selected “Find Edges” in the Limits box and tweaked the tolerance to a rough 22%
and also chose to “Protect the foreground color” option to be ON.


The 2 steps we took give us a nice but rough edition of the photo with the background deleted… all we need to do now it to clean up the messy pixels!

As you can see I use another background layer with high contrast to the green original background of the photo (hence the red color). With the simple eraser tool I clean all the mess and my new photo is ready to accept the new background!

Step 4

After these few steps you only need a nice background image that you can make the foreground image blend nicely in!You could choose to further tweak settings as saturation or contrast of each layer, the color balance etc.

Hope you enjoyed! Next time we’ll see another technique to remove the background of a photo!

So… that’s all for now! till next time feel free to visit my other tutorials!–Easy-PS-Tutorial.386241


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Q:How do 10 designers erase a photo background?
A:1 does the actual job and the other 9 claim they would do it better, instead of doing it and adding to the whole idea of sharing knowledge (EVEN if it might be half-correct)


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