Photographic Applications for The Nokia Lumia 800

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The Nokia Lumia 800 was, without doubt, one of the stars of the past releases 2011. When will debut later this year, Nokia will receive the first fruits throughout 2012, just when sales occur the terminal itself and its companion, the Nokia Lumia 710. It is clear that one of the coolest features is the camera itself, since Nokia has opted again for a good system, topped by a renowned lens manufacturer Carl Zeiss. The case is that from the Nokia Conversations blog has tried to show that the camera of the Nokia Lumia 800 is a good ally for those who want to take it. As you know, the smartphone in question has a camera with eight megapixels sensor capable of capturing images offer a high quality. As if this were not enough, you can also record HD video (720p @ 30fps). Then discuss some useful applications to leverage the full potential of the camera.

The first application for which we speak is Pictures Lab. It is an application similar to Instagram, since the effective implementation of all kinds on the image you’ve taken with your camera or you have stored in the memory of the terminal. Some say it’s a kind of Photoshop, but in this case would have to specify that we are facing a gallery of filters which have the Adobe program. In addition to modifying the photo with a vintage effect or saturation effects and beautification varied, also have the opportunity to share the results with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. And is that Pictures Lab offers direct access to your social networking. Contains a total of 30 different effects and costs 3 euros. You can try temporarily free.

But if you want to pay a penny to yourself a photo application, you have another solution at your fingertips. It is called Image Tool and is a much simpler implementation than before. In fact, it contains no filters or high performance, but allows us to rotate or twist pictures. More interestingly, if you sound poor, is that you have the opportunity to include this extra as one of the additional features of the camera. In this way, you can manage in a much more agile and easily catch all you do. The Image Tool is available to you, as always, in Microsoft Marketplace.

And we go for the latest photo application we recommend the people of Nokia. The application is called Photo FX FREE and is a software that lets you add effects to your images for free. Besides adding sepia or raise the contrast, you have the ability to control the degree of effect as well as crop and adjust your images as you please. Best of all, Photo FX FREE is a free application, available from now on app store for Windows Phone. The release includes advertising, but you can also get the payment program without ads, in the case that bother you.

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