Pesbukers Paused

KPI Request Pesbukers Paused.

Expense-related expense is considered excessive Olga Syahputra some time ago, finally the Indonesian Broadcasting Commission, or KPI suspend laughter program was fronted by Olga.

According to Commissioner KPI Ezki Suryatno always, it has been formally requested to suspend the program that aired on the quiz start date is July 9 to 15.

“It is the decision of the plenary meeting of center KPI. Paused 9 to July 15,” he said during the call reporters on Wednesday (4/7).

Added by him, the dismissal letter was posted to the quiz on Wednesday (4/7) morning. However, the KPI is still waiting for the right answer from the quiz.

“Already this morning (posted letter). Yes we deliver them to do the right answer. That’s it,” said Ezky who claimed one of the causes is the case ‘Assalamu’alaikum’nya Olga.

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