Part Two of : How to Hack any RuneScape Account

Part 2, part one is located on my profile!

Welcome To part 2 of my tutorial!

(click here for part 1)

ok so now you have downloaded all of the programs (if you havnt click here)

and you have retrieved the username and packets of the password, we must re-build the whole password to match the players current password, 

PLEASE press “like” under this post to be able to get the relevent coding for the program, then (optional) please share this so others can see!

now we have 7 things

1) password retriever

2) password packets

3) username

4) email adress

5) email password

6)java injector 

7) SQL silent Dragger v2.8 (or higher, i will update links and that)

(once again, to download all of these in one package, please click HERE/or like this post do get the download)

then you are pretty much done, 


if you get any errors : run as admin , try restarting, try re-downloading, if you get ‘Error: path:p’ then right click the program (javainjector) and then click system path : (then rename the path to “P://Java.Runescape.SQL.”


Amazing program, does wonders, i got some awesome account with all 99’s but then the guy recovered it, i took some of its expensive items so its alright :D i got like 780m :3

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