Minecraft Launcher for Free! and Server Cracked Too (Work with Bukkit)

Minecraft Launcher and server cracked.

([Working on 1.2.5 up] Same way, same links.)

Here you can get minecraft for free for all operative systems!

Get now for free!

Windows: http://adf.ly/2cxT1

MAC: http://adf.ly/2cxWH

Linux: http://adf.ly/2cxYF


Make a minecraft Server for free cracked and for everyone! (From Mineshafter)

See How to make a minecraft server Guides.

 Download this: http://adf.ly/2cy85  (Mineshafter Server Proxy authentication

and this: http://adf.ly/2cy86  (The real minecraft server program)


Mineshafter_server.jar have to be in the same folder of Minecraft_Server.jar


First, open Minecraft_server.jar , wait the loading and then you do “stop” in the console.

Now make a notepad and write this:

java -Xmx1024M -Xms1024M -jar Mineshafter_Server.jar nogui

 Then you change the name of that notepad like Launcher or MineshafterLauncher and the extension file have to became .bat (From .txt to .bat READ GUIDES)

Then you open that .bat file to open the server.

Bye guys and try to donate ;)

To mineshafter server work with bukkit you have to:

1º Edit the .bat file, and then you change for: java -Xmx1024M -Xms1024M -jar Mineshafter_Server.jar CRAFTBUKKITNAME.jar nogui

where says: CRAFTBUKKITNAME you put the name of the craftbukkit jar file, i think is CRAFTBUKKIT-Snapshot or something. hope you enjoy ;)

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