Main Features of Microsoft Powerpoint 2007


Microsoft PowerPoint is a largely used presentation tool. The salient features of Microsoft PowerPoint are described as follows:

·        It helps the users to express their thoughts in presentable form.

·        It provides the facility of auto-content wizard, which helps the users to prepare their presentation by providing the step by step help.

·        User can use the built-in design templates or create their own templates in order to enhance the beauty of presentation.

·        It provides a wide range of text and picture formatting.

·        It provides a wide range of views to facilitate the users in order to maintain and prepare their presentation for use.

·        User can use their custom and built-in styles to enhance the attraction in presentation.

·        User can use the different animations for transitions in order to add the beauty in presentation.

·        A wide range of animation option is also available for text and pictures.

·        One can use the testing or view option before presentation to go.

·        It is highly compatible with all other application software and operating system.

·        It provides a good performance during any presentation.

·        It provides the facility to add speaker notes for speaker to assist him during the presentation.


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