Learn How to Make Your Pc Faster!

This article is for you if you experience slow speeds on your PC!

Do you experience slow speeds on your PC?

If you are a passionate computer user like I am, then you are familiar with the amount of stress caused by a slow PC. This is so annoying. I just bought a new PC, I composed it myself and it has some really powerful yet expensive hardware in it. At first, it gave me the best performance I could think of. But after just a few months It started to get slow. I could not believe, that this headache is back so soon. I was seriously pissed off and dissapointed. This computer had a prize tag which was equal to my 2months earnings. And I still had to get all stressed out about my pc being slow.

Is there a solution?

YES there is! There is actually 2 solutions. One option is to format your harddrive after every few months(pretty irritating process) or you can get yourself a good registry cleaner. You can find thousands of tutorials, how to boost up your computer but most of them are not recommended to use. There is a change that you might cause some permanent damage to your PC. You can choose between hundreds of companies which offer them. But which one to get?

Free registry cleaners:I have tried many free registry cleaners which you can download online. My oppinion is that they are not worth your effort. They might mess up your copy of windows even more.

Trial versions: These are the “previews” of a full product. They will scan your computer, find thousands of errors and then say go “there” to buy your copy and bla bla bla.

Full copies of registry cleaners: At the end of the day, you will find yourself in this section, because there are no free lunches! Now, we still have a question, “Which program to buy?” If you are like me, you want the best product for your money. You can do some research about registry cleaners. Read the forums, check out what people talk from their experience. I have read plenty about this. If you do not have that time to read a few hours, then feel free to follow my experience. I have created a top 3 list for myself. I have been beta testing about a hundred registry cleaners and following ones are my favourite:

1.Winmend registry cleaner. It has four main function modules: Registry Cleaner, Registry Optimizer, Registry Backup and Scheduler. The application can efficiently and comprehensively analyze system, accurately locate errors and obsolete data, safely fix or delete them, thus effectively reducing the workload in your computer and improving the speed and performance of your system. Also it is my top 1. It does absolutely everything I need to maintain my PC.

2.Netgateregistry Cleaner is an effective tool to speed up your PC, cleanup and defragment your registry, clean waste from your disk and remove traces

3.Spotmauregistry cleaner is very easy to use. This award winning software will deep scan your registry to identify problems and fix Your PC’s errors, boost your PC’s Speed, improve your PC’s performance and prevent crashes & freezes.

I appreciate your feedback and do not hesitate to contact me with your questions.



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