Last Chaos on Mac!

Here I show how to get last chaos working with only one bug known on mac!(proof too)


First you need to download Wineskin from this link.

Second you need to download and install an enginge.

You can have the multiple engines but i recommend having the latest.

Then click at “Create New Blank Wrapper”

it should look like this

This window will pop up. You can change the name of it.

If this pops up click at “Install” otherwise it wont work.

Then this pops up, remember the path!

Right click the wrapper and click “Show package contents”

Now open wineskin.

Open “Advanced”


Go to “Tools” and then to “Config Utility (winecfg)”

Change the windows version to “Windows 98″. Note I havent tested any other versions but this one works just fine!

Download the installer from this site:

ATTENTION! The newest version of the Last Chaos installer will not work! 

It needs another program that doesnt work in Wineskin. This older installer works perfectly and will patch to the latest updates of the game.

Now go to your wrapper and right click it, show package contents and open wineskin. This time click at ” Install Software”

From now on the window will differ depending on which engine you have. 

Click at “Choose Setup Executable”

Now choose the installer that you downloaded from the link i gave.

Finish the installer process then do the following.

When installed copy this : “/AeriaGames/LastChaosUSA/LC.exe”

Without the quotes.

Now just close this window and launch your wrapper by double clicking it (not wineskin inside the wrapper)

Now you should be able to open the launcher and patch the game then play!

Warning! Do not resize the client as i did because you would get blackscreen and have to restart the game.


God damnit i messed it up!!


Well done with the visuals. That will help out a lot.

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