Internet Explorer Keeps Closing: How to Fix The Problem?

A few helpful tips on fixing the problem of the sudden IE crash.

Why does the Internet Expolrer keep closing sometimes?

Quite often, Internet explorer is reported to close as soon as it is opened. This is really annoying if it happens especially in the middle of some important and urgent projects. There are however, many reasons why the internet explorer may close suddenly. It may be that your PC has recently received any of the virus threats like “Anti-Virus action” or “thinkpoint”. There are other reasons too. Your plugins or extensions may not have been coded in a proper manner. It may also happen due to such versions as the wacky internet explorer beta or due to incompatibility with your antivirus.

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How to Fix the problem ?

You need to start with removing your browsing history. Open Internet Explorer and click the “Safety” tab you get in the top right corner of the Web browser. Then, select the “Delete Browsing History” option. A box will come-out on the computerscreen. Make sure that there are checkmarks on each option listed in the box. Click the “Delete” tab for deleting the browsing history. If the same problem still arises, then move to the next step. In the next step install and then run an anti-malware and an anti-virus software program. Adware, Spyware viruses, and other similar problems can also cause IE to shut down or even close pages.

What may be the other issues and their troubleshooting?

There could be another important issue, which causes your internet explorerto close. This may be called the issue of the “PSAPI.DLL” file issue. This is a library file and if it is not registered in a proper manner, internet explorer is bound to close all of a sudden. There are however, methods to troubleshoot this problem easily. For this, you have to either remove or rename the instances of this file that are there in the folder. This file cannot be redistributed. The sole places, where this file can be located are, the windows folder or the windows system-32 folder. You have to locate the place where this file is installed in the Windows explorer and delete it immediately, if you want to solve your problem.

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