How to Use Emoticons and Special Characters on Twitter

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Twitter is compatible with the special characters in UTF-8 Unicode. It’s all those symbols that are not on a normal keyboard, but almost all put in our emails, websites, and forums and chats. There are complex combinations of keys to write, but who remembers them all. Luckily, we propose a simple way to introduce all these special characters so you can make the funniest tweets.

To do this, you have to go in the first place of TwitterKeys or Twitter Symbols. In these pages you will find links to drag and drop the bookmarks toolbar in Firefox or Chrome, or in the Internet Explorer Favorites. The tables incorporate all of these additional special characters Once you’ve incorporated these links into your browser, you look up at any time. Yes, it is necessary to update your browser to the latest version available. The tables will appear in the form of pop-up, so do not block it.

To use the tables, you must click on the icon in the Bookmarks Bar or Favourites. If the table of characters shall not appear, you have blocked popups. When you have the table on your browser, just choose the special character by double click, copy it with the key combination “Ctrl + C” and paste in your Twitter message with “Ctrl + V”. If you’re not comfortable adding links to your Bookmarks Bar or Favourites, you can always find a map of special characters on the Internet and copy them from there.

There is another possibility, is to use the Windows Character Map. To do this you must go to the menu “Accessories”. You’ll find when you press the “Start” button then “Programs”. Within the “System Tools”, you will meet “Character Map”. Clicking on this line appears a popup window. The first thing you do is choose a font from the drop-down list at the top. You should have checked the box “Advanced view”. Character in the game, choose “Unicode”. In “group by” select “all”. In this way, you will have available the complete table of characters for that font.

You can also choose “subset of Unicode”, and have access to a new table to choose among a lot of possibilities. Again the simple operation. Simply check the character you want to copy, and paste it into your Twitter message.

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