How to Sync Two Ipad Computers

You can sync two iPads especially if you want to share pictures. The iPad also contains the functionality of some of the iPhone’s applications or apps so it’s not difficult to synchronize two iPads as well as transfer and share pictures from each of these tablet computers.

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An iPad is also known as a tablet computer and if you want to sync these two together, it’s advisable that you also use the same wireless home network connection and internet access for this method to succeed.

1. Start by pressing the “Sleep/Wake” button at the top of your iPad then slide the locking button located at the bottom or lowest part of the screen to the left side then proceed to the “Home” menu screen. Click the “App Store” image then wait as the image of the “App Store” will appear.

After that, click the “Search” field column at the top right of the screen of your tablet computer then enter the name of a photo syncing application into the “Search” field column. You may also visit this website to see a sample on how to do it at ( or (

2. Slightly press on the name of the photo syncing application in the list that you can view on the screen then wait as the photo syncing application that was selected will show. Slightly press again either the “Free” or “Buy” button that you can see located at the upper right hand corner of the screen then enter your iTunes/Apple user name and password in the given columns that you can see in the window that will emerge. You need to wait while the photo syncing app loads into the “Home” screen.

3. Do the same series of actions to achieve the same results with the second iPad. Press on the photo syncing application on the two tablet computers then wait while the photo syncing application shows a screen on every iPad. Press the plus (+) button located on the lower left hand corner of the photo syncing application’s screen on one of the tablet computers.

Next, press the “Add Photo” label that you can see on the pop-up window of your iPad screen then choose and click an icon on the “Photo Library” screen that will be displayed. Choose only one of the pictures that you will see in the “Photo Library” and hit the button lightly. After that, wait while the picture will display as a photo in a “Picture Frame Icon” on the photo syncing application screen.

4. Tap or flick the image moving towards the border or outline of the screen that has text on it labeling the other user of the other tablet computer. Observe while the image disappears off the border or outline of the iPad screen and flies back again into the middle of the screen.

You need to wait for a little while once the image or icon of the picture will be shown in the middle of the photo syncing application’s screen on the other tablet computer. There will be a progress display bar on the image that will run up completely and transfers the picture to the “Photo Library” of the second iPad. Just click the “Home” buttons on both tablet computers so that you can abandon or leave the completed photo syncing application and go back to the “Home” screens of both iPads.

Tips & Warnings

  • The current versions of the “Lite Mover” are compatible with the iPad.
  • Pictures will be speedy with regards to syncing process when you have an updated and fast wireless home network connection.
  • You can also visit the official site of the ( because they have thousands of apps starting from games up to education and more are being added every single day in the App Store.
  • You can only use a “Photo Syncing Application” for one tablet computer.

Good posts. Well done, my friend.


nice work


But can you sync tow ipads for notes and calendar and contacts? How do you do that?


Not sure I would trust any of your long winded post based on your incorrect instructions as to how to turn on the iPad, your apparent lack of knowledge as to how to navigate on the iPad and your assumption that your target audience are morons. The “Slide to Unlock” button should be moved to the RIGHT, not the Left as stated.
The iPad has a Touch Screen. It does not need to be PRESSED, just touched. Pressing on the screen does nothing. You will find that out by wearing gloves and trying to navigate on the iPad. Alternatively, press the screen with the eraser end of a pencil. Nothing happens.
How much more precise and explicit would the instructions have been had you just said; “Use the App Store icon to go to the App Store. Touch Search and enter “Photo Sharing”
Choose an App and Install it.”
Remember you are talking to someone who either owns 1 iPad and knows someone with one or owns 2 iPads. Your audience is not likely to be completely ignorant about how to use an iPad.

Lastly, the iPad is NOT a tablet computer.


Your instructions, your article and your intentions are all wrong. Why don’t you just delete it and start over?


Your instructions, your article and your intentions are all wrong. Why don\’t you just delete it and start over?

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