How to Set Up a Bukkit Server (Minecraft)

Don´t like the official Minecraft server? Try Bukkit!

Let´s begin! Windows users should download notepad++ before reading this article. 

The first thing you should do is to visit to grab the newest version of craftbukkit. The jarfile will be named craftbukkit-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar. Rename it to craftbukkit.jar. The official Minecraft server could be opened by clicking on the jar file. Craftbukkit must be opened trough a launcher. A launcher is a .bat, .sh or a .command file. You can download a mac launcher here. Linux launcher can be downloaded from here. Windows launcher can be downloaded here.

Create a folder and put the launcher and craftbukkit file there. You should now have a setup like this:

Let´s launch the server. Click on the launcher that fits your system. Bukkit will now generate a bunch of files. You can write “stop” in the console when the console prints “Done” .

You can use bukkit.yml to edidt spawn radius (indicates how big the spawn are is). Other settings like offline mod, mobs and more can be edited in


You can download a lot of plugins from Some of my favorite plugins are:

  • Cellmod
  • BOSEconomy
  • Realshop
  • Minecart Mania (Core + chest control)
  • DynMap
  • Lightstone lanthern

Enjoy your new serve!!
Thanks for reading!

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Thanks for reading!

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