How to Remove The Background From a Picture

Ever wanted to remove the background from a picture? Let’s see how to do it in few easy steps!

You have found a nice button on a website and you want to use it on yours, but the background of that button does not fit your website.

Or you have a few pictures and you want to make a photomontage for fun with friends (e.g. your face on David Beckham body figure etc…)

Without spending a fortune in professional editing applications and without using pirated software, you can do this easily with a FREE application called GIMP.

First off… Download the program and install it.

Open the picture that you want to remove the background from with the program you just installed.

Select the lazo tool and select around the image.

Click on the mask tool by clicking the square at the bottom left corner of the image window. Use the pencil to contour your image more granularly.

Toggle the mask tool off.

Copy the image, create a new image and paste what copied.

You now have your image without any background, ready to be used!

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