How to Remove an Icon From Your Desktop Without Deleting It

It is very easy to remove an icon from your desktop.

This happens to all of us.  Somehow, in some way or another, an unwanted icon appears on our desktop.  Sometimes this can be difficult to deal with, because if it’s not a shortcut, then clicking Delete will do more than simply make the icon disappear, it will actually delete the file.  So, how do you remove that pesky icon?  The easiest and fastest way to remove an icon is simply to drag it and drop it into another folder.  It can be any old folder, such as My Documents.  You can probably move it to just about anywhere especially if the icon is something simple, perhaps a readme file that you will most likely never bother with.  If you have lots of icons that you want to remove, it may be useful to make a junk folder where you can keep them all together, in case you find out that something is needed later on.  If the icon is a file that you may want to access once in awhile, like a picture or a Word document, then you can drag it to the appropriate location, where you would normally put a file like that.  Sometimes you might find a file or folder that goes along with a program.  In this case, it’s probably best to keep it near the rest or the program.  Look for those other files in your Program Files folder, and drag your icon there.

Good Luck!

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