How to Remotely Shutdown a Computer with Command Prompt

This guide will show you how to use the Windows Application Command Prompt to shutdown a computer remotely.

Introduction: Remote shutdowns are often used when beginning maintenance, when your to lazy to walk downstairs to shutdown the computer so you take your laptop and shut it down, or even someone in class is getting on your nerves so you decided to shut his computer down. In this guide I will show you the simplest way to shutdown someones computer remotely with Command Prompt.

Step One: Open up Command Prompt

Step Two: Once in Command Prompt type [shutdown -i] without brackets. This will bring up the Shutdown Interface.

Step Three: In the Shutdown Interface click the button “Add”.

Step Four: Enter the computer name, or computer IP address.

Step Five: Click “Okay”.

Step Six: Wait a few seconds for Command Prompt to do the job, depending on how many entries you put will vary the amount of time it takes.

Step Seven: Sit back and watch the computer(s) shutdown! Sometimes in school or at work Command Prompt wont be able to complete the shutdown proccess and say “Access Denied”. As of now I do not know a way to get past that or if there even is a way.

Step Eight: Do your maintenance, go to sleep, or laugh at the person you just shutdown ENJOY!

TIP: If you ever have a shutdown warning pop up on your screen there is no way to exit it. Unless you go open up Command Prompt and type [shutdown -a] without brackets. That will abort the shutdown and you can continue to do what you where doing.

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Hey, this computer said access denied. What can i do?

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