How to Play Dr.mundo Like a Boss

Indepth Guide on how to play Mundo. Runes, Mastery, Spells, Ability, and Item. For Junglers and Solo Lane Top.

Why Dr. Mundo?
The real question is why not? This champion is just so fun to play as, hella hard to kill and exceptionally good in team fights, and with this build nothing can go wrong.

Good Tanky AD runes such as Armor pen, Health seal, and MR (Magic Resist) Glyph.

21/9/0 Masteries is ok, with extremely high damage burst with some survivability. This mastery’s can help you build into a tanky DPS and because Mundo is all up in the enemies face doing “Tons of damage” it can be useful.
Last but not least, 9/21/0, you may think this mastery set is overdoing things in the defense tree, but it’s probably the best for Mundo, I use this mastery’s all the time because all he really needs is that Armor Pen and the rest to tank, after all the best defense is the best offence in mundos case.


Teleport and Exhaust
These are the spells I use as solo top. Recommend for people who are confident in solo top, and expect ganks from team.

Flash/Ghost and Teleport
These spells may be better for beginners. Before you hit level 6, expect 2-4 ganks, an easy way to avoid it, is by buying boot, a pot, and a ward, or at a conformable place, go back, buy a few wards and comeback. Unless you are not welling to waste that much time and effort Flash or Ghost can prevent you from feeding the junglers.

Smite and Flash, Ghost, or Exhaust
First of all, smite is a must have for all junglers, there is no way around it and Mundo especially. The Flash, Ghost or Exhaust on the other hand is up to you, and team. You want exhaust to catch them suckers when ganking, but if your team is already loaded with Exhaust, getting Ghost or Flash is better.


Q/Infected Cleaver
This is the first Ability you want to get, and also the ability you want to max out second. Good poke damage, with slow and only source of range attack. Keep in mind that you kill yourself every time you miss, so position yourself so that even if you miss the champion, you hit the minions, also when jungling, you get this ability second, percent damage op, but it can also kill you.

W/Burning Agony
This cool ability can save you in a pinch, reducing the time you are cc’ed while damaging others (and yourself). Another good use for this ability is for farming, like soraka’s silence, this ability does an instant damage, so if you missed a minion with an auto attack, but he also has about 1 hp left, then use Burning Agony to finish it off, and deactivate the ability right after.

When jungling, this is your first ability, when solo laning, this is your second ability, and the first ability you max out. First of all, this ability is OP, with 5 points in this ability you gain in extra 100 attack damage, and even more damage for %hp you are missing, and in a 1v1 fight, you should have no reason to lose against anyone(except for Riven, and yorick :/).

The ability that makes Dr. Mundo shine, this epic ability not only gives you a insta ghost, but it also gives you a massive health regin, and with items like Spirit Visage, Force of Nature, and Warmogs, that heal will never seem to end.


Solo Top Build of one
Ruby Crystal > Spirit Visage and/or Warmogs depending on how well you are doing.
Ninja Tabi/ Merc Treads/ Berserkers Greaves
Atma’s Impaler/ Frozen Mallet
Force of Nature
(Probably the best for some damage and survivability for Dr. Mundo)

Solo Top Build of two
Vampiric Scepter>Zeke’s Herald
Warmogs/Frozen Mallet
Ionic Spark/ Wit’s End
Berserkers Greaves
Atma’s Impaler
(In this build I focused more on attack speed, I noticed that Mundo has a lot of damage but not much attack speed, so I figured attack speed items do help, so why not)

Solo Top Build of Three
Ruby Crystal>Heart of Gold>Randuin’s Omen
Merc Treads/ Ninja Tabi
Sunfire Cape/ Spirit Visage/ Force of Nature

Jungle Build
Vampiric Scepter>Wriggles Lantern
Berserkers Graves/Ninja Tabi
Force of Nature/Wit’s End
Frozen Mallet/ Randuin’s Omen
(Not so used to jungling as Mundo, but make sure you gank a lot, and give that blue to mid)

Leave a comment to tell me how well this build work for you, also feel free to check out my other builds. And remember kids “Mundo goes where he pleases.”


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