How to Organize Your Desktop Icons

We all tend to collect a good amount of shortcuts and icons on your computers desktops. The problem is how can we organize out desktop?

To fix the problem of cluttered desktops we can use a handy piece of software. This will include some neat features and it will make organization a lot easier. Even though there is software that can do this for us and make it look nicer and simpler there still are some other good tips that you can use to organize your desktop without the need of software.

With Software

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So the little piece of software I found is called “fences.” As it’s name says, it creates virtual fences on your computers desktop that will allow you to organize it into different categories. It also offers features like being able to double click on your desktop and having all of the icons disappear.

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So that’s basically letting the software assist you in the organization of your computers desktop. Some of use don’t like installing loads of software onto our computers. Either that or our computers just are not fast enough to handle these new, modern, pieces of software. So here is the option for those people.

Without Software

There are ways to organize your desktop without the need of software. It may take a slight bit longer amount of time to do, but it will work just as good.

The way to do this manually would be to create different categories as if you were creating different fences groups in the software. You will make a folder for different types of programs and different categories. one for example would be to make a folder for all of your shortcuts to different programs. So this may take some time but make sure to have broad categories on your desktop and then have sub-categories inside of those folders.

Well overall organizing your desktop is very easy and it will make finding your shortcuts and documents much, much easier.Good luck tackling your desktop!

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