How to Monitor System Temperature While Playing Games

This is a tutorial in how to monitor your system temperature while Playing Games.

How to monitor System Temperature while Playing Games

Gaming is fun and you’ll enjoy everything. The best thing in gaming is you’re the lord, you’re the boss, you can kill anyone and do anything as you may like. Also you can develop yourself just by playing but how about your PC health? Does gaming affect my PC health? That question just came out on my mind and realized that even a system that is powered by electricity has a health. At that time I did some research in Hardware Monitoring, some hardware monitoring tools such as HW Monitor, Core Temp and Lavalys Everest are some example of this tools, but they how can we manage to Overlay a system temp in the monitor while playing. This article should help you doing it.

                First download Lavalys Everest in their website and RivaTuner in Guru3D.

•        Lavalys Everest: Download

•        RivaTuner: Guru3D

Now after this install the two application and open the Lavalys Everest you should be seeing this.


Now click on File > Preferences > Hardware Monitoring > External Application. You should see this.

Check all the items that I Recommend.

•        Enable Shared Memory

•        Enable writing sensor values to Registry

•        Enable writing sensor values to WMI

o   Temperatures

§  Motherboard

§  Core 1, 2, 3, 4

Note: You can check any item as you wish, I’m focused right now in temperature monitoring so I’ll leave the other items to you.

So where done with the everest setup, you can minimize it or close to tray, the close to tray button is beside the minimize button (if you are using Windows Aero, Disable it first. So you can see the button.)

Now open RivaTuner then you should be seeing this.

Click on the Customize (the first top one) > Hardware Monitoring and you should see this.

Click on the Setup > Plug-ins > then you should see this.

Check on the everest.dll and press ok. Now in the Hardware Monitoring Window (where you did clicked the Plugins button) check the CPU0, CPU1, Core Temperature and highlight them one by one and click the setup button. Then you should be seeing this.

Check the item that I’ve checked in my screenshot. Then Click the Run Server then you should see this (if now check your tray and you should see another rivatuner icon, just click on it to see this).

Set the application detection level to high, On-Screen Display support to on, and adjust the On-Screen zoom. Then Minimize the server, press ok for the previous window. Minimize the main rivatuner window and just leave this window at your desktop.

Open a game, now you should see at the top left of your screen your System temperature. In order to use this every time you play games, just repeat the steps in opening the rivatuner Run Server. I hope you like and leave a comment or suggestion. The next How to is overclocking.

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