How to Make More Money on Slicethepie

Easy tips to help increase your earnings on SliceThePie.

I’ve been a member of SliceThePie since August 2009 and in that time I have found simple ways to increase my earning and tips to help increase the amount you earn per song.

1. Use a writing program
I personally use Microsoft Word. All you have to do is open the writing program and rather than waiting sixty seconds before writing your review in the review box, write your review on the writing program while the song is playing its sixty second. Then, copy and paste your review after sixty seconds into the review box. This can potentially double your earning per session.

2. Rate fairly
You might think you’re being clever by rating a song between four and six because this would stay within the average. However, this can prevent you getting a good star rating because they like a good spread of numbers. So I personally rate between three and nine.

3. Write thorough reviews
If you write half-hearted reviews which are only about one and a half lines long and use about two music related words then your star rating will remain low. I usually write at least three lines and I make sure to use at least five music related words.


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