How to Make a Really Cracked Nice Minecraft Server [Hamachi/nonhamachi]

How to make a really cracked nice minecraft server [Hamachi/NonHamachi]

[1.2.5] Still Working and links are the same.

First you need to download the minecraft_server.jar file…

Put it into your minecraft server folder.

Run it and do stop when says done.

Open the with NotePad.

Go to the online-mode=true and change true to false. (it works) Choose what do you want in that config file.

Ip methods: I will show you the ip methods down here but first do this next steps.

Now download Mineshafter_server.jar ( ) If says conection error when you try to join, s cause minishafter is out dated, you can check iit at the real website:

Put it in the same folder of minecraft_server.jar.

Now download craftbukkit.   Find the Latest Downloads Box.

Now put it into the server folder.

Make a notepad and put it: java -Xmx1024M -Xms1024M -jar Mineshafter_server.jar NAME-OF-YOUR-BUKKIT-FILE.jar

Now save and change the extension file from .txt to .bat  .  Like launcher.bat

Now that file will be your server launcher program.


When some new update comes, you have to download the latest version of Mineshafter server proxy (Minshafter_server.jar)  and Minecraft_server.jar from You can also download the latest version of bukkit but i suggest, you are in 1.7.3, you can stay with the bukkit in 1.8 too but when 1.9 or somthing comes, maybe you should download the latest bukkit.

Launch and see if works.

IP METHODS: (dont forget to give the ip to your friends like this: IP.IP.IP.IP:PORT  you change the port in server properties at server-port=25565  (i suggest you stay with 25565)


Download hamachi from here

When you have hamachi, click the Stand by button to turn on.

Now, copy the ip adress, its like: , to server-ip=  in your like: server-ip=

With this method, only people with hamachi can join the server.

Create a new network to people join to connect by that network, Go to Network, right System, and Create a new Network choose the Name like  MyMinecraftServer1 and password like 123.

ProXPN Method: (EVERYBODY CAN JOIN) (Have so much lag, ip can change if network overloaded)

Download and sign up here

When you have it, connect, then sign up, create new host, download at here:

Connect with the program DUC30 (30 its my currently version) the no-ip program, check the ip and see if change for local ip, like . Use the host you create from the no-ip website and use it in at server-ip= like:  or what you choosed.

(if you can’t use it,sometimes you can’t, use proXPN ip)

You can connect only like: SE.RV.ER.IP  with no port BUT YOUR FRIENDS MUST PUT  THE PORT.

And thats all for now! I’ll try to give you the IP method with no lag and ip changing (Dynamic).

See ya ;D




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