How to Install and Apply Theme in Your Pc

Personalize your PC today to look more soothing to your liking; at the end of this article you will able to have five good things about installing and applying themes of your PCs.

I assume your are running on Windows Operating System to help your customize your PC to the same directions giving in this article. And like I commented earlier, at the end of this article you will able to have 5 good lessons to go home with. You should be able to do the followings:

a. Understand what PC/ mobile themes are

b. Access Computer themes

c. You will be able to download and install themes

d. You can also apply the installed theme to work on your PCs.

What is A PC Theme?

Computer themes are predefined group of PC system elements to include sounds, icons, backgrounds and animations. It should determine how your computer appearance and other effects are and they are of various forms and unique as well.

How do I Access Computer Themes?

It’s very simple here.

  1. On the ‘Start’ Menu, click and then click on the ‘Control Panel’ icon to open the Control Pane window. See picture below:

2. Click on ‘Appearances and Themes’ to open and click on ‘Change the Computer’s theme’ as highlighted in the diagram below.

3. On the Theme Tab highlighted in red, click on its drop down arrow button at the right of the tab and choose any other theme you may prefer as your favorite. Note that clicking on them previews how the theme will appear before you finally decide to apply it. The default theme is ‘My Current Theme’. See picture below.

4. Having selected your favorite Theme, click on ‘Apply’ and wait while the Operating System change the theme for you.

See below how it looks like when you click ‘Apply’.


  1. To finally complete the process, click ‘OK’ to exit the ‘Display Property’ dialog box. And so with this you have every authority to access, alter and apply your desirable Theme.

How do I Download and install Themes?

Okay, you can freely download more Windows themes from Microsoft Windows website. Repeating the steps given below till the No. 3, continue with theses steps below.

  1. On the ‘Display Property’ dialog box and on the ‘Theme:’ Tab, select ‘More Themes Online…’ to open the Microsoft Windows website on a new internet browser mostly on Internet Explorer.
  2. Browse for more Themes on their website and then download by clicking on the download link.
  3. You can verify the location where the Theme in located in your PC after downloading.
  4. Still on the ‘Theme:’ Sub-Tab of the ‘Display Property’ Tab, click to select ‘Browse’ to open the folder usually the ‘Program file’ folder. Select the location of the newly downloaded Theme. Click Open to load and then apply. See photo below:

Repeat step 4 and 5 on How to access your PC Theme. Thank you for learning from this tutorial on PC Themes. Please do send your comments and complaints so I could understand how you feel.


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