How to Download Slender (Pc) Free

Slender is new indie horror game in which the player must evade the terrifying "Slender Man" and find 11 pages before the faceless man catches up to you and causes Game Over. In the game the player is equipped only with a flash light and is abandoned in a pitch black forest, adding to the suspense.

First of all,  Slender is a completely free download. This means that you can download it and play it for as long as you want for no cost whatsoever and it is completely legal to do so.

I have put three of the most used and reputable links for the download of the game below. Once the file has completed downloading the installation is completely the same as any other program.


******FROM SOFTPEDIA******

******FROM SOFTONIC******

All of these links are from safe sources and are completely virus and malware free.

If you’re wondering what Slender is all about then why not check out the below YouTube videos? But don’t get too scared!


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