How to Change/edit Text Using Paint

This tutorial will be showing you how to edit texts on websites using Microsoft paint.

How to change/edit text using paint.

First, find a picture of the text you want to edit and press the Print Screen button on your keyboard or PrtSc for short. Paste it onto paint.

Once you’ve done that, you should find another screenshot with the same font and size of the text you want to change. Take another screenshot and import it into another paint program. It’s also ok if you wanted to edit the text to, lets say “cool” and you take 2 screenshots with one having cl in it and other having o’s.

I want to change “merry” to creative. Now It should look like this:

Now, delete the MERRY text or whatever you want, then and cut and drag the text you got in place.

Once arranged correctly, it should look like this:

Thank you for reading this tutorial, check out my profile for more pixel art tutorials.


That is the STUPIDEST tutorial EVER. My God you guys are idiots. Wow.


you mus be kidding me!!!!!!

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