Hack a LAN

Hack a LAN.

Way of hacking via the LAN (to steal a pass again orang2 browsing) First of all sorry if repost because this technique is not that fresh techniques in the world of hacking, but this technique has not been spoiled because up to now still be used because most network hubs & switches networks receipts that is not encrypted.
Why not encrypted? * Network Admin majority of IT people who are specialists in making the program, not in the Network Security
* When the encrypted bandwidth will increase and extrapolations that have been slow inet certainly will be more slow and finally page error
* The price is not cheap to obtain the encrypted difference between the Hub and Switch: On a network hub of all data flowing on the network can be viewed / picked up by any computer on the network asalakan the computer requesting the data, if not requested it will not come .
* The only computer network switches which exchange of data that can see it, others do not have the right komputer2 requesting the data. The problem is the price of the hub router and the switch does not vary much so most places are now using the switch that makes it difficult for network hacking. This hacking technique: * Sniffing
* ARP Poison Routing The above technique will not be prevented by any firewall on the victim’s computer, guaranteed. Important Note: ARP Poison Routing can cause denial of service (dos) on one / all of the computers on your network Pros: * It will not be detected by the firewall types and any series because of its weakness lies in the network rather than on a computer system
* You can steal any type of login passwords via HTTP server
* You can steal all the login passwords on the network hub for the program is activated
* To ARP Poisoning can be used to steal passwords on HTTPS
* All programs free Disadvantages: * For Switch network ARP poisoning should be in one by one and you will be consumed much bandwidth for it (if inet super fast ga problems)
* Caught / network admin is not the outside of my responsibilities Start from here assume that the network in this story there are 3 computers, which are: * Computer Victims
* Computer Hacker
* Server differences between network switches and network hub:
The first steps: 1. Check the type of network, you have the network switch / hub. If you are on a network hub thankful because the process of hacking you will be much easier.
2. Download the necessary programs that Wireshark and Cain & Abel.
Code: http://www.wireshark.org/download.html
http://www.oxid.it/cain.html How To Use Wireshark: * Run the program wireshark
* Press Ctrl + k (capture and then click option)
* Make sure the content on your Card Ethernet interfaces are bound to the network, if not change and also make sure that “Capture packets in promiscuous mode” on
* Click the Start button
* Click the stop button after you are convinced that a password is entered as long as you hit the start button
* You can see all kinds of incoming and outgoing packet on the network (or on your computer only if your network is using a swtich
* To analyze the data right click on the data you want in the analysis and click the “Follow TCP Stream” and congratulations to analyze the package (I will not explain how because I can not)
* What is clear from the data contained therein must informasi2 who entered the victim to the website and vice versa Way above applies only if your network is not a switch Hub
From the above way you can know that your network is a hub / switch by looking at column IP Source and Destination IP. If on any one line of them is the ip you can be sure your network is a network switch, if not it means the opposite. How to Use Cain & Abel: * The use of this program is much easier and simple than using wireshark, but if you want all packets that are already out and get your suggested using wireshark program
* Open the program you Cain
* Click on the configure
* In the “Sniffer” select ethernet card you’ll use
* In the “HTTP Fields” you must add a username and password fields his fields when you want is not listed.
For example I’ll let you know that if you want to hack Friendster password in the username you have to add fields and fields passworsd name says, for others you can find it by pressing right click view source and you should seek the input variables of the login and password the website. Already in default rasanyan complete enough, you can steal a pass in klubmentari without adding anything.
* After that apply and click ok settingannya
* On the main menu there are 8 tabs, and that will be discussed only one tab is the tab “Sniffer” Therefore, select the tab and the tab is not pindah2 of your own to prevent confusion
* Enable Sniffer sniffer by clicking the button at the top tab2 it, find the button that his “Start / Stop Sniffer”
* If you are a network hub at this time you are able to know the password is entered by clicking the tab (this time under the existing tab instead of in the middle, the middle is no longer have to click-click) “Passwords”
* You can just choose a password of the connection where you want to see will already listed there
* If you were there at the network switch, it requires a struggle over, you must activate the APR is on the right tombolonya Sniffer (And this is not guaranteed to succeed because of manage of the switch is much more comprehensive and secure from the hub)
* Before enabled the sniffer tab select the bottom of the APR
* It will be seen two pieces of an empty list, click on the top of the empty list then click the “+” (It looks like it) in the range of the sniffer APR etc.
* There will be two pieces of field containing all hosts on your network
* Connect the victim ip address ip address and gateway server (to find out the address of the gateway server on the comp you click start select run type cmd then type ipconfig at the command prompt)
* After that just turn on the APR, and all the data from the victim to the server comp you can see in the same way. You can run both programs at the same time (for APR Cain and wireshark for packet sniffing) if you want maximum results. You can steal the password is the password in the HTTP server (server is not encrypted), if such information is encrypted on the server then you have to decrypt the data before obtaining the password (and it would require a much longer langkah2 of this hack ) for terms that do not understand can be found on wikipedia (english yes but if the indo jg not necessarily exist).

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