Global War (iPhone App) Lotto Tickets Guide/ Tips

A quick guide to obtaining daily lotto tickets.

Getting loot can be difficult and is absolutely vital to survival because the items are always stronger than the items that can be purchased with cash. You can attempt to steal loot (40% chance and requires half of the energy required for the job) but at an energy recharge rate of 4 minutes per 1 energy, it can take hours for the loot in the higher levels. The simple solution is using lotto tickets!

The lotto tickets allow for 2 options (cash and weapons). I recommend the latter of the two since you can always make tons of money, and trust me, you will. However, you can’t always steal the best loot because it is too time consuming and burns up energy. Using lotto tickets takes less time and is easier since you can earn them very quickly. Here are some tips for getting them as fast as you can…

The first way to earn is to participate in the daily wars. During the daily war, you will get 1 ticket for each tier of contribution and 4 tickets if your side wins the war. The weekend war is where you will earn majority of you tickets since there is 13 wars that will get you 26-39 just for participating, and even more when you win. You may also will earn honor points during the weekend wars which can be used to buy lotto tickets from the general. By far the easiest way to get tickets is simply turning on the game. You will get 3 tickets every day just for logging in and an extra two for connecting with facebook and twitter. I recommend logging in even if you don’t have time to play so you won’t miss out on your free tickets!

Scratch away, my friends… scratch away!

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Where do I go to scratch them?


It will give you the option as soon as you log in


so I have played the lotto multiple times and I know that there is a redeem button to collect the winnings.. but I never get the winnings. I have played for cash and it does not show up in my bank or the money I have on hand shown at the top of the screen. help please?


That was the gayest response ive ever seen. Im lookimg for glitch not a way to play the game

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