How to Install and Configure Plugins for Bukkit

How to install and configure plugins for bukkit.

In this tutorial I will show you how to install and configure bukkit plugins. First of all we need to find a bukkit plugin. This can be done by going to and clicking the get plugins button.

The screen below will appear and as you can see there are many types of different plugins. Find the plugin you want to download. 

As an example of a plugin installation and configuration I will show you timber. All this plugin does is the same as the mod which is with an axe you can take down a whole tree. The config file sets the different settings for the plugin. After you have downloaded a plugin drag the file into the plugins folder in your server folder.

After you have done this run the server. Once it is done stop the server again.

As you can see the timber plugin has installed and should work on its default settings. To edit the config we are going to have to have a program to open the .yml that is located in the created folder. Not all plugins will have config files especially if it is a newer plugin. The program we can use to open this is notepad++. This can be downloaded at:

After installing right click on a .yml file and click open with notepad++ to look at the contents of the plugins. Now if you are following this tutorial I do not expect you to understand what alot of it means. The screenshot below shows the timber plugin config.yml, it explains what each value means in green(notes). This means I will be able to edit this without searching for the instructions online. 

If you have any problems during setup don’t hesitate to contact me at I have come across many problems while playing with Minecraft, bukkit and Java in general so if you have any questions just ask.

teh out.

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