Simple Animation Guide

It´s a guide for making simple animations.

Guide for making simple animations:

The first thing you need is some programs:

  • A program like Adobe firework
  • A program to paint (could be for instance Paint ^^) (no necessarily needed but best)

You can also use hand painted drawings and stuff like that.

Well first step:

I will make a man who kick a ball.

I first make a picture of a man and a ball, I made it in adobe Photoshop (CS3)

Now I make the picture where I have kicked the ball: I have made the changes in grey, but normally make the changes in the same color has the rest.)

Now I have 2 simple drawings, which I want to set together for making an animation.

I do that in fireworks.

Firstly you need to open the 2 drawings.

Afterwards I open the first drawing up and open the option Frames: A

After pressing that button you will get another frame up. Go to the other picture and copy it. Paste it in the other frame.

Now do your animation hopefully look like this (picture above).

Nov we are going to change the time before it switch between the images.

Go to the frame bar again and you will see that to the far right in the bar the number 7. That’s the time between the switching of images. Try change it to f.eks. 40.

Pres the play button (looks like) it is in the bottom screen. Now you can see your to be animation. Now 1 last point before you have your animation. The saving. Choose “Save as” and save it as “animated gif”. When you have saved it open it again. Change the time between the changing of the images again. It always change back to 7 if you save it in a new format. Now you have your animation. You can try playing with the functions as for example saving it as a flash.

Useless but fun ;)

I all too simple guide but well you can make a little fun out of it


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A wonderful guide to making a simple animation. aaron varuolo cleveland.


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