Farmville: The #1 Cause of Crashes

Did you know that FarmVille is probably one of the leading causes of your internet browser crashing? Read on to find out why.

Do either of these images look familiar?

If so, you’ve probably done one of the following:

• Play FarmVille

• Use flash

• Use Internet Explorer

• All of the above

Why does this happen?

Sadly, internet browsers crash all the time. It happens in all internet browsers. It’s not their fault! Well, sometimes it’s Internet Explorer’s fault… just kidding, but not really.

The number one cause of internet browsers crashing is due to flash plugins. For those of you who do not know what flash plugins are, they can be games or videos that are embedded in a website using flash. 

Luckily, some internet browsers, such as Safari, have been updated to let the plugin crash without crashing your entire browser. Hopefully more browsers adopt this feature, as flash can crash quite a bit, especially if you are playing FarmVille a lot.

What does FarmVille have to do with this?

It’s because FarmVille is such a graphically intense game, with loads of content — and it’s written in flash, which likes to crash more times than it doesn’t. 

I’m not saying to quit playing FarmVille and uninstall flash, I’m just letting you know that it’s normal for these crashes to occur if you play a lot of FarmVille (or any other games written in flash). 

How can I solve this?

Make a smaller farm! Just kidding. But try to have less applications running in the background, as your internet browser will be using up a lot of your RAM & CPU power. 


I have never played “Farmville.” I know of it, -just not interested.

I have however, just ‘discovered’ that “Bejeweled II” is actually kinda fun. :-)


farmville crashes Mozilla Firefox all the time. This happens about 10 times a day. it also happens with Mytown and Zooworld. they are all fun games.

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