Enable Previews in Dolphin

Enable the preview function for remote files in Dolphin.

 Previews allow you to see a what a file looks like without actually having to open it. This is very useful if you have a lot of pictures on your computer. Having to click a bunch of them just to find the one you want can be a bit tedious. You can use an application like Shotwell to categorize your pictures, but this works best for local images. It is very easy now to see Windows shares through Samba in Linux, and a preview function here could be helpful. If you’re using Gnome, you simply change the behavior of remote files so that they generate previews. You can accomplish that same task, albeit a bit differently in the Dolphin file manager, which is the default program for KDE.

Open the Dolphin file manager, and navigate to a folder that contains pictures. Click on the wrench icon present in the upper right corner of the screen. From the menu that appears select “Configure Dolphin”, then click on the “General” icon along the left side of the page. It will start in the “Behavior” tab. Under the heading “View Properties” you are presented with 2 options, and it defaults to “Remember view properties for each folder”. You can leave this as is, especially if you only want the changes you are going to make to apply to a specific folder, or only a few folders. If you want your changes to apply to all folders, then you want to select “Use common view properties for all folders”. If you make changes here, don’t forget to click on “Apply”.

Next click on the “Previews” tab, and in here select any files that you want to enable previews for. If the default selections are fine, you can leave that alone. The section below is what you want to change. By default, Dolphin is set to 5MB for Local files, and 0MB for Remote files. Change that Remote files setting to something more than 0MB and click on Apply and then Ok. By doing this step, your images (and any other file types you select), will have previews enabled, even if they are on a remote location. One nice thing about Dolphin is that it allows you to toggle the preview function on and off by simply clicking the button “Preview” at the top of a Dolphin window.

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There are other options in here that you might find useful as well, such as enabling the “Delete, Copy to”, and “Move to” commands under the Context Menu tab. If you want to see the free space remaining in a folder or directory, enable “Show space information”.

These changes have been tested and applied to KDE 4.7, but they may work in other versions of KDE as well.


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