Emails, Emails, Emails!

Emails are extremely popular.

It’d be rare to come across an individual that does not have at least one email address. Interestingly enough, most individuals have way more than one email address. Emails are one of the most popular forms of contact. In fact, it would be impossible for an individual to make it in this world without an email address.

Yahoo, Gmail, AOL, and MSN – there are loads of different email clients to choose from. You just have to pick an email client that works best for you. Most people have an email client that they prefer to use. Arguably, Yahoo and Gmail are presently the two more popular email clients. Most people prefer to use Yahoo for more personal matters and Gmail for more business matters.

What email client do you prefer to use and how many email addresses do you have? 


Thank you for this.


Prefer to write some more details.


Yes, it is difficult to find folks who don’t torture themselves with email.


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