Ebay vs. Ebid

A comparison of eBay and eBid

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We all know what eBay is- that big corporation out in San Jose that’s dominating the online selling and buying community. Even if you don’t use eBay itself, chances are you have probably used Paypal before. And yes, Paypal is owned by eBay.
Now the website you may not have heard of before is eBid. If you take the time to look at their site, you’ll see it’s quite similar to eBay. Identical, in fact. If you get the chance to use eBid, you’ll see it’s dramatically different. Let’s compare, shall we?

Charges and Fees:

eBay- eBay charges incredibly high fees. As of now, they do not charge insertion fees as long as you list an item as an auction only and keep the item’s starting bid under $0.99. However, if it is listed as $1 or more, you are charged a minimum of $0.25. The higher you start the auction’s first bid, the more you are charged. If you choose to have a fixed price, you are charged $0.50 for anything you list $1 or more. Next they have optional features you can incorporate into your listing- but they cost you. I won’t list every charge but if you’re looking for how much each listing feature costs, check out the eBay info page here. Features include: bold print, a bigger display picture, bold print, additional display pictures, etc. Final Value fees are what kill you with eBay. eBay charges 9% of the final value of your sold item. Yes that’s right. That isn’t a typo. %9 of your item’s final selling value is given to eBay. Sorry, taken by eBay. So, say you sell an old laptop for $500 on eBay. You now owe eBay $50.  But wait, that’s not all. If you happen to use Paypal when you sell online- and you really should- you are charged $0.30 and an additional 2.9% of any amount of money you receive in your account. Since eBay owns Paypal, you’re essentially giving eBay another 2.9% of you’re item’s value. As if that wasn’t enough, eBay will wait to deduct its Final Value fee in an invoice at the end of the month just so you receive the full amount into your Paypal account and so they can deduct even more money. In total, that $500 laptop you sold, really only sold for $440.5. Isn’t that peachy?

eBid- eBids fees work differently since you can upgrade to different accounts. If you use a basic buyer and seller account, there is a 3% Final Value fee and that’s it. No insertion fees. However, there are listing feature fees. However, the most appealing thing about eBid is if you sign up for an account and upgrade to a lifetime seller+ account ($49.49) you have absolutely no Final Value fees, insertion fees, or listing feature fees ever. Yep, no fees at all. No questions asked. Laying down $50 may seem a little steep, but in the long run, it is well worth it.

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