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With Yardsellr closing, where will sellers go?

As I figured would have happened sooner, Yardsellr is closing.  Yardsellr was the best eBay alternative many sellers had found, but due to their fees and lack of care for what the community wanted, they quickly fell out of popularity and are now filing bankruptcy.  Unfortunately, this leaves a lot of sellers with nowhere to go other than to go back to eBay.  The problem I have found with eBay is that unless it is electronic, it rarely sales and sometimes doesn’t even get looked at.  So where will sellers go?  I’ve found 3 other places to go.


Okanjo is a new company, but they seem to be the best new alternative.  There is a group on Facebook that is perfect to learn more about the site.  The owners of the site are in the group also and they even take your feedback and ideas to make the site better.  This to me shows they care about the community and they know that sellers know what is needed to make to site the best it can be.  When Yardsellr went down they welcomed sellers with open arms and welcomed and are trying to implicate the ideas of those sellers.  They do charge 5% for final value fee, but that’s not the worst in the world and it keeps out the junk listings.  Currently you can use the promo code “yardsellr” to sell without the final value fee.  It’s too early in the game to rate Okanjo on much other than customer service, but I will say that rating is currently 10.  Here are some groups on Facebook to hang out in if you are interested:

Okanjo Sellers and Buyers – This is the one where the owners can help you.

Okanjo Users Group – This one is great for advertising and is my own group.

Okanjo ADS Only! – Another great advertising place.

Check out this item:


Copious seems to have more traffic than most alternatives, but it also has downsides.  The sales for me on Copious have been few and far between, but I have sold a few items there.  You get paid via direct deposit through PoundPay.  It’s a very easy signup process and getting your first payment takes a little hassle due to the PoundPay process, but after that it’s smooth sailing.  The main downside to Copious is that they are selective on the things you are allowed to sell.  They mainly allow home décor and jewelry/apparel.  They also do not allow you to link a store where you have more stuff that you can’t list on Copious in your bio.  If you sell items that they don’t allow to list also, the best way to advertise a site where you sell the other items is to send a business card with any sold items.  I would give Copious 7 out of 10.  Here’s a group to advertise your Copious listings:


Check out this item:


Webstore is an older company that offers absolutely free selling both in auction and fixed price format.  It is basically a free version of eBay.  Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of traffic even with the help of Google Checkout also being offered.  I liked this site at first and even today it is the number 2 free eBay alternative.  This doesn’t make sense to me because there doesn’t seem to be much traffic, but maybe others have had better luck.  I had listings on there for a year and they barely got views, much less buys.  Because Yardsellr is going out of business and sellers are looking for a new avenue, I’ll try this site again.  Also I don’t like that you can pay to be a verified seller.  This means anyone with $10 can become a scammer easily.  Your first feedback comes because you sent the company money rather than because you were a good seller.  I would give this company 2 out of 10 currently.  That rating might go up if I see better results this time.

Check this item out:

Why did Yardsellr go down?  Read my Yardsellr Review here.  I think you’ll see why.

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