Easily Increase The Download Speed of IDM

To easily increase the download speed of IDM.

how to easily increase the download speed of IDM?

Yes, this time I will give very simple tips to increase your download speed IDM software without any help. Just change some settings on your IDM software. Later, if there is time, I will try to help my friends all to increase the download speed using IDM software.

Previously, changing this setting will be more good if you’ve increased the speed of your internet access. Please read How to Speed ​​up Internet connection without the software. Especially for those of you who use a modem, please see the Modem Booster | Speed ​​up Software for Modem Connection.

Okay, now we go straight to how to change the setting to increase download speeds that you are using IDM. This applies whether you are using a DSL Internet connection, ADSL or modem.

A. Make sure that you have installed internet download manager (IDM). If not, please install it first. Please browse, download, and install software.

2. Double-click the IDM logo in the System Tray of your computer.

3. Then, click the Downloads »Options. See the following figure.

4. Just click Connections. Change the settings as shown below.

5. Click the OK button. Setting is completed. Try restarting your computer and feel the difference the speed of your download IDM.

Okay, that’s it buddy tretaners, very simple and easy to do, right? Again, this depends on internet connection you use. If your internet connection is optimal, then you will get optimum download speed IDM as well.

Good luck! If any advice or suggestions or even questions about how to increase download speeds by IDM, please comment on it.

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