Dayz – Minecraft Dayz Cracked Server [Latest Dayz Mod]

DayZ – Minecraft DayZ Cracked Server [Latest DayZ Mod]

Hey guys!! Searching for a DayZ Minecraft server?

Cracked? Holly crap, you just found it!!

What do you need for this:

- A minecraft account (Paid or Unpaid)

- Nope.. Nothing more!

You dont need to instal the mod or anything, you just have to download the instaler: (Direct Download)

Once the download is done, extract the files to any folder you want, then open the file called “Instalar.exe”

(Both files and the srever are portuguese, but you can play it if you want, the only thing is the files names and the language on the server, but the players should know english)

The application you just opened will ask you for one question but first, you just need to click any key to keep going, then will appear the question saying (Translated)

D you have a account?

(Sim ou nao?):

You just need to write “sim” (Case sensitive, all characters minus.)

Then press enter and press any other key.

Well, you are almost there, now, the “Instalar.exe” file is gone and a file called “Jogar.exe” will be there.

If you dont know, Jogar means Play, just open it, wait for the launcher then you can close the red aplication.

Login with your minecraft information, remember, no need to be premium account.

Configure the options as you want.

When you go to servers lists, there will be the LionLorenaServer and then you can login.

This mod also contains:

SmartMoving, Optifine, CJB_MiniMap.

If you want the official site (Portuguese) you can find it here:

I hope you enoy the server!

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