Curves: A Simple Way to Transform an Average Photo Into an Outstanding One

There’s an easy way to make your photo look stunning, and it doesn’t even require an expensive program. A few seconds and clicks of a mouse, and you can produce the photos you’ve always wanted.

Have you ever looked at professional photographs and thought, I wish my photos were more like these? They can be. Curves is a simple, easy to use tool part of most photo-editing programs like Photoshop Elements or Paint Shop Pro.

Let’s start with a portrait of my friend. I’ll be using Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended to edit, but you can use most any program.

Above is the photo before any editing.

And here it is, only after the application of curves. Look at the change! Curves boosts color, adds  vibrance and depth, and brightens. I

A simple “S” curve will make your photo pop. Adjust however much you need to give your photo the right emphasis. The top part of the curve lightens, and the bottom part darkens and emphasizes.

Curves is a wonderful tool, and it’ll help build up your editing skills. Happy editing!


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