Cool Things to Do with Command Prompt

CMD is also known as command prompt or MS-DOS. In this article I will show you a few cool things you can do with it.

Not many people use CMD now that windows Explorer is around, but there are still some cool things you can use it for. For example, you can still edit files with it. First, open CMD.

Go to start – search for CMD (or go to run and type in CMD) and open it up. It should look like one of those screens that movies say can hack anything.

Now, move to the directory of the file. So, type in “cd C:Documents and SettingsUsersUserMy Documents” and then push enter to move there (or wherever). Then, you can say “rd C:Documents and SettingsUsersUserMy Documents” if you want to remove the whole folder (which i suggest you don’t do). You can make a folder, by typing “mkdir C:Documents and Settings” etc. You can even find a file and remove it, as well.

One really cool thing you can do is look up your IP address, which can be very useful. Do not give out your IP address to people if you can help it; use this method to look up your IP Address rather than an IP service out there. Go to command prompt, type in “ipconfig” and it will tell you your IP address right there.

Some other cool things just make you LOOK cool. Like, for example, typing in “tree” and hitting enter over and over again. Otherwise, you can try to “ping” a website, e.g., “ping” and watch the response for a while (press any key to stop it). Another cool thing you can do is type in “telnet” and watch as a CMD version of Star Wars appears on-screen (I did not make this, but it is really cool).

Post a comment if you know of anything else cool that you can do with CMD :)

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