The Most Used Commands in Autocad

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I found a poll in which working with AutoCAD voted opportunity in which their program was the most useful work. Even assuming that the poll is not “representative”, it can give us an idea what other users find the program useful, and to set the our clock.
The purpose of this post is simple. Let me show you what are the tools that are most useful if they use them to provoke them and to master many begin to use them.
Here are the results:

1. AutoLisp (32%)
2. Using layouts and model space (21%)
3. XREF (20%)
4. Copy / Paste between drawings (19%)
5. Dynamic blocks (16%)

There are some very interesting things:
First, that most useful instrument is AutoLisp. This is certainly my opinion, because thanks to AutoLisp even non-programmers can automate tasks so as to shorten by half. I personally AutoLisp without my widgets will have to give at least twice as long as possible.
The strange thing is that when I made inquiries on the blog if there is interest in more publications or even a course on AutoLisp, then this response is critically received fewer votes.
Second, the three possibilities (AutoLisp, Layout and XREF) are more useful even than copy / paste.
Here again I must say that very few people use these three possibilities.
Finally, I recommend everyone to finding out for themselves.
If you are so good these opportunities and not use them, whether it is worth investing some time to master many?
It will be interesting to readers of the blog to share with all comments below.
Which of the five options you use?



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