Autocad Tutorial 10: 3d Move Tool

A beginner’s guide on the 3D move tool in AutoCAD 2007.

In this tutorial I will be covering the basics of the 3D move tool.

One way of creating a model is to directly make the model on the spot. This way is often hard and tedious if making complex models. So an alternative method is to make parts of your model first then putting them together. The best tool for this job is the 3D move tool.


In this setup, I have 2 objects like so:

I want them both joined together at a corner. To do so, I use the 3D move tool:

I want them joined together at a corner, so I click on the 3D move tool OR type in “_3dmove” and then I click on the object that is going to be moved and press ENTER:

Now move the mouse cursor to the bottom right corner (in my perspective) and using the snaps, click at that point. This will be our first alignment point:

Now your selected object should be moving with your mouse now. Align it up with this corner of the second object using snaps and click:

And now, you have successfully moved your object:


In this second setup, I have the same 2 objects from the last example, except one is rotated:

I want them both together, intersecting to make a cross. So I use the 3D move tool, here I have changed the view of the model to get a better view:

Now I activate the 3D move tool and use snaps to assist me. Notice there is 2 “+” signs indicating centre snaps. I click on the own shown below because it is the centre snap to the circle closest to me. The other one is the further circle:

And here’s another picture if you didn’t get what I said before:

Back on task, I click on the snap that I showed you before and now the object should be moving with your mouse. I now click on this snap on the second object, notice there are once again 2 snaps available:

Now I am left with this:

Object 1 is perfectly aligned with object 2 in the centre of both holes; here it is in render mode:


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