Advantages & Disadvantages of Internet

Every coin has two sides. In the same manner every new technology implemented can be used as a boon or bane. It depends on people the way they want to use it.
Internet is widely used by youth for downloading all variety of content from movies, music to education. Some advantages & disadvantages of them are listed under:


Internet is used as a medium of sharing knowledge, information & content. It depends on the quality of content available on the internet & how people interpret it. Wrong communication can lead to conflicts & can influence people in a wrong way especially kids & teenagers are mostly influenced & their mental perception frames according to what they see, hear & read.

Animation, graphics & movies can be used as an efficient tool in educating them & improving their exam results creating interests in their studies refreshing them from boring & hectic classroom teaching.

It can be used to convey our emotions by hiding our identities & sharing thoughts which we hesitate to say in front of others.

It also provides solution to all types of problems through vast information present in search engines.


Teenagers & kids can be adversely affected through malicious content in the form of porn videos, movies & can indulge into bad practices like smoking drugs, alcohol just because their ideal heroes do it. Moral values will be degraded in them & they can become future criminals & pain for society.

Merely earning money is business of most of websites & they don’t care about content published in them. Also effiicient filters should be used to weed out bad & abusive language & porn contents freely available on many mobile sites.

Chatting may lead to cyber stalking in some of cases & care should be taken to avoid such cases.

Vast information can cause confusion & effective management techniques should be used to put quality contents on websites.

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