A Noob Guide: How to Setup a Minecraft Bukkit Server

How to setup a Minecraft Bukkit Server.

How to setup a Minecraft Bukkit Server

This tutorial will explain how to create a bukkit server through a WAN or using Hamachi which uses a VLAN connection. The latter is generally used for cracked servers however it is also used for people who are unable to port forward their router. First of all download bukkit at bukkit.org.

Highlighted in orange will be the latest bukkit build click on this link and download the file. Create a folder to hold the server in then move the server file that you have just downloaded into this folder.

The shot above is what your file should look like with possibly a different bukkit version. (Make sure that the version number matches the version of Minecraft you are setting the server up for) Rename this file by deleting the version number just leaving “craftbukkit”.

After doing this open up notepad. The copy and paste the following code into it




“%ProgramFiles%Javajre6binjava.exe” -Xmx1024M -Xms1024M –jar craftbukkit.jar


Go into “My Computer” and click on the local disk now go into the “Program Files” or “Program Files(x86)” (You may only have “Program Files” don’t worry as it should be in there if you have it installed) and find where the “Java” folder is go into the Java folder and look at the name of the next folder to go in.

Unless you are a Java Developer you probably won’t have the top 3 folders and will only have folders or a single folder named “jreX”  the X being a number. It should be either 6 or 7 if it is not you need to update your java. After locating this folder change the Path in the notpad file to reflect what you have found.




“%ProgramFiles%Javajre7binjava.exe” -Xmx1024M -Xms1024M –jar craftbukkit.jar


If you have jre7 change the jre6 to a jre7 as I have done if there is only jre6 on your computer leave it. If you found the Java file in Program Files(x86) then change the %ProgramFiles% to %ProgramFiles(x86)% if not leave it as it is. The procedure we have just followed is a simple method of checking what version of Java you have on your computer and whether you are running 32 bit Java on a 64 bit machine.

The next part of this code that you may need to know is the

-Xmx1024M -Xms1024M –jar craftbukkit.jar

Part of the code.  The two instances of 1024 are how much RAM will be allocated to your server when it is run. This is default set to 1 GB as it is here. If you change these values it will allocate more. Generally you will not need more unless you run a lot of plugins and/or your server is holding a lot of people.

After you have finished with this file save the file as “run.bat”. Remember to click the “All Files” underneath the filename. Then press save to finish.

Now double click “run.bat” to run the server.

Your server should have generated files and folders in your folder. Wait until the server has generated the world. It will say done when it is finished and ready. When ready type stop into the console and wait until it says “press any key to continue…”, it is now safe to press any key or press the X in the corner. Now right click the server.PROPERTIES file and edit. It will then show the server properties. These are the same as a vanilla server so if you have set one of them up before you should know what to do now.

Regular WAN Server or Hamachi?

A regular WAN server means that people can connect using your external IP address. However you can only set one of these up if you have access to your router to port forward, otherwise people will only be able to make a local connection to your server. This can be overcome using a program called Hamachi which makes a VLAN (Virtual Local Area Network). This means everyone on your server has to download Hamachi and be connected to your Hamachi network. My Hamachi tutorial is here: http://computersight.com/software/how-to-setup-hamachi-for-your-minecraft-server/

Now to set up a regular server you will need to port forward. If you look down the server.PROPERTIES file you will notice that the server-port=25565. This is the default although it can be changed by changing the 25565 to another number. If you don’t know how to port forward use this website for help by finding your router make and model. http://portforward.com/  Remember to port forward 25565 unless you have changed it.

Your server should now be setup and ready for people to connect. Although it does not have and plugins and a server bukkit server without plugins is pointless. Here is another of my tutorials on plugin installation and configuring: http://computersight.com/software/gimp/how-to-install-and-configure-plugins-for-bukkit

If you have any problems during setup don’t hesitate to contact me at tehnoobsniper@gmail.com. I have come across many problems while playing with Minecraft, bukkit and Java in general so if you have any questions just ask.

teh out.

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