A Beginners Guide to IRC

I’ve looked around the internet and I couldn’t seem to find a step by step guide for mIRC newbies. This guide covers everything you need to successfully and securely set up mIRC with minimum fuss.


IRC, or Internet Relay Chat, is a form of instant messaging that is the main form of mass communication of most games. It uses both chat rooms, called channels, and allows for one-on-one conversations, called queries. For the sake of explaining this I will be using the Coldfront gaming network as an example, there are many more to choose from.

Getting mIRC Set Up

This is the simple form of the IRC Guide. It assumes you’re using some version of Windows. This will get you onto IRC and into public channels. The following steps all go in order:

  • Go to this website (http://www.mirc.com/) and download mIRC. mIRC is a client to access IRCservers. It is not the only client, but it is the client that most people, at least in my experience,use, and the client that I am familiar with. It has all the capabilities necessary, as well as a fewmore advanced tools that you can explore yourself if you feel so inclined.
  • Install mIRC. This should be pretty straightforward.
  • Open mIRC. Hit “Continue.”
  • Copy and paste this command exactly:

/s -m irc.coldfront.net

  • You are now on the Coldfront server, which is what most gamers in the world use. There are many IRC severs but they are for you to find or use depending on what you want.
  • Now use this command:

/ns register password email

  • Replace “email” and “password” with your email and whatever password you want to use.You will receive an email which will have a command for you to copy/paste. Copy/paste thatcommand back into mIRC. If done properly, your nick will be registered.
  • Congratulations. You must identify every time you log on. A way to do this automatically will be later in the slightly more complicated section. The command to identify is:

/ns identify password

  • • Now we’re going to explore IRC options and things you should do. Eventually your “trial edition” or whatever of mIRC will expire. You can still use it for free. When you load IRC, the following screen will pop up. After a few seconds or so, “Continue” will become clickable.


 Now go to Options.


Follow the circles.





Replace “Yournick” with what name you want and the same with “Yourpassword” 



  • After all of this, you should connect to Coldfront each time, and you should also automatically identify your nick every time. If you are on a shared computer or for some other reason do notwant to automatically identify your nick, ignore 5 and 6 (the perform commands). You will also automatically be logging every chat and query, and you will have rejoin enabled (this is good).
  • Exit options. Go to any window in IRC.
  • If you wish to automatically join a channel each time you login/identify yourself, copy and paste these commands:

/ns ajoin add [channel]

/ns ajoin list

If a channel is on your ajoin list, you will automatically join it whenever you identify your nick.


General Rules and Guidelines

There are a few guidelines that most people appreciate if you followed:

  • Don’t be an idiot.
  • Don’t be rude
  • No slurs that are based on race or sexual orientation.
  • No real life attacks, insults, or threats.

People would naturally say “Why should be this careful chatting online?”, It’s simple if you plan on staying in that channel be nice, operators (People who have the power to ban you) are usually strict. Even if these are just “guidelines”, breaking them can still result in punishment. All of the guidelines can be followed if you just stay respectful of others.

Useful Commands:

Kill command (to prevent people stealing your nick or impersonating you):

/ns set kill on –60 seconds or 20 seconds

/ns set kill quick

Register command: /ns register password email

Identify command: /ns identify password 

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